Removing TSSAgent in Terminal

Hi everyone,

Okay I did something really stupid and installed TSSAgent onto my aTV2 and now it wont boot! I have connected it to my MBA and used terminal to try and remove it without any luck. I've deleted com.nito.tssagent which then tells me that it will remove the maintenance tab and nito tv too! okay I thought as all I would need to do would be to just reinstall the Maintenance and nito tv again. However, I can install Maintenance with no problem at all but when I reinstall nito tv the aTV goes back to not booting again...

Is there any knowledgeable person out there that knows how to delete the tssagent from my machine? so I can reinstall nito tv, any help would be greatly appreciated.


TSSAgent is also installed by default when installing aTV Flash (black), so I don't think that by itself is the issue.

Was there anything else you installed at the same time?

Hi James,

Thanks for your reply but I have managed to get it sorted by ssh ing into the unit and searching for all instances of it and removing all that were found! I did indeed find out that it was installed automatically when I installed Atv flash black! So I am now wondering if I am now running a unit that should have it installed by default and weather by completely uninstalling it I have now broken something else that depends on it. I've noticed  that my radio has stopped working now too, Coincidence?

What would be your recommendations about reinstalling it if it is really needed? could I just rerun the atv flash black to install?

Any advice you could give would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks again James


Which version of Apple TV software are you running?

As long as you're on Apple TV 4.4 or later, you should be fine re-running the latest 2.4 version of aTV Flash (black).

I thought as much and i will go ahead and re install flash black! I'm on the latest 5.3!

Thanks James for you input and valuable time!