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Hi everyone

I have removed everything from the front page except my favourites. However I have two issues:

  1. Recently added films are still showing, which is annoying. Why?

  2. I want only my two favourite folders showing, not the favourites I have plus the “library” favourite I cannot remove.

Can anyone advise?

  1. You can disable Up Next list in settings. This will hide anything in progress or recently added
  2. You can hide the library. I think maybe long press on the icon, or if you go to library settings I think you can hide it there.
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Thanks but that isn’t true.

  1. I already deleted “recently added” and it’s still there from settings.

  2. That is an option for everything being shown in that section except library which has no option to remove after a long press

Library > Movies > Recently Added > Long press on recently added and select Remove List

The step by step instructions can be found in the users guide.

  1. Toggle Settings->Library->Show Library

@munpip214 I believe the user wants to get rid of the recently added movies list at the bottom of the home screen, not get rid of the library favorite.

Hi all thanks for this.

So it turns out to remove the library as I meant originally you have to:

SETTINGS > Library > then untick show library

So in other words it’s under the favourites section/line of the opening page not because it’s listed as a Favorite and you cannot remove it from there like the others by long pressing it. It’s there because of the setting described above. Really it should be made consistent with the next update.

In relation to recently added, it turns out that was still displaying despite turning off, because the “up next” was checked under settings. I turned that off and now I have what I wanted. A beautifully clear home page that just shows my two folders I want with no previews.

Thanks everyone :slight_smile:


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