Removing local videos from my Infuse

Hi folks,

In my infuse on MacOS I have a couple of videos showing up in my library that are coming from “Mac” share. However, I never added them (I use a networked SFTP share for all things). I might have accidentally “Open With → Infuse” these files, but definitely didn’t mean for them to stick around. In the “Add files” menu there’s only SFTP share. I can’t find any way to remove these files from the library now. Any advice?


Are these appear at the top of the Home Screen in the Up Next List, or somewhere else?

Yep, that’s right. Only there.

The Watching section of Up Next will include items from the library, or items which are opened directly.

To remove a specific item, you can either right-click on it and select ‘Mark as Watched’ or select the ‘Playlists’ option and uncheck the ‘Watching’ list.

You can also hide the entire ‘Watching’ section of Up Next by adjusting the option found in Settings > General.

“Mark as watched” seems to have done it, thank you.

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