Removed from TestFlight

I just opened up TestFlight on my ATV and noticed I was removed from TestFlight builds. Is that normal?

If you haven’t done TestFlight in a while perhaps. Might have to reapply. It does get reset every year or so.

I use it all the time :joy:

Per @james in another thread

A few others were seeing this message in TestFlight, and it’s not clear why it happened.

The best option is to remove yourself from the app in TestFlight, and reapply. You should get a new invite on Friday.

Did you happen to (re)join TestFlight using one of the direct join links posted in a forum thread?

These links made their way onto Telegram channels where it quickly maxed out our 10,000 user limit - and as a result these sub-groups were disabled and all testers removed.

I resubmitted the signup sheet. I’ll wait until Friday to be re-added :slight_smile:


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