Remove xbmc

I’m having trouble with xbmc and want to uninstall it completely and reinstall a clean copy. I’ve used the Remove option in the Maintenance menu but that only seems to remove xbmc from the main menu and does not actually delete any of the xbmc files. So when I reinstall xbmc through Maintenance, it puts xbmc back on the Main menu but the old data files are still there with the same errors. How can I get rid of xbmc entirely and all its stored files on the ATV2 and begin again with a fresh, clean install of the program?  

The best way might be to jailbreak all over again. Otherwise I suppose you could use a program like cyberduck to access the ATV if you know what files to remove.

Actually, any unwanted items can be removed through the Maintenance --> Manage Extras menu.

Just highlight the unwanted item and press the right arrow to remove it.

Just for the record and to prove I’m not a dummy, he’s already tried the removal method through the menus and for whatever reason isn’t finding that to be satisfactory.

Ah right. I guess I just glanced at his post and didn’t read it thoroughly.

You can remove the XBMC data without a restore, but it requires connecting via SFTP using something like Cyberduck (

Navigate to the /var/mobile/Library/Preferences folder and remove the XBMC folder that resides there. This will remove any saved XBMC date or add-ons that are currently on the AppleTV.

Strange “Moderator” received an email stating you do not support XBMC but here you are giving advice on it? Confused…

“Hi - unfortunately we’re not able to provide much support for 3rd party plugins like KODI. Your best option will be to look through the KODI manual found at the link below.”

So, you’re complaining someone is helping?

Besides read it again, it says “Hi - unfortunately we’re not able to provide MUCH support for 3rd party plugins like KODI.” This constitutes A LITTLE support.