Remove Weather

How do you remove the Weather Frontpage Nito? would be ok if you could change the location but im not from Evanston, IL

Agreed...wish I could change default location.  Now I cant uninstall and with all the trouble I had to get it JB...I'm not inclined to try again :)

Any method to change or uninstall this?




it is pretty easy.

since you have the weather installed ( via nitoTV ) you can go to main menu/settings/custom setting/main menu extensions/main menu weather

from there search WOEID ( where on earth id ) for your location

alternatively from the nitoTV install software menu you can right or left remote button the main menu weather to delete it from the system


Worked thanks.

Yep thanks. Worked for me too.

I don't have any of the extra menus listed under my NitoTV settings menu.

Do I have to have aTV Flash installed to see those menus?

Mine is a simple JB ATV2 with NitoTV and XBMC installed.

I quite like this plugin, but there are lots of bits that aren’t displayed in full. e.g. wind speed says 2…, humidity 8…


Anyone else having this problem?

the menu ur looking for is in the main settings under sleep now

yes, i am having the same difficulties with the spacing. tons of empty space and a lot of dots. there must be a way to ssh it and altar the code. just need to find it.

yeah. i think it’s a bug with the new jailbreak.

hopefully this can be resolved soon!

does anyone know if there is a ticket for this?