Remove User Rating

Is there a way to remove a user rating completely? When clicking on Rate I can only change my rating but not remove it. There doesn’t appear to be a way to go back to the Trakt rating.


Just to expand on this. I have no interest in keeping my user rating. I was only playing around and testing this feature but now it doesn’t appear as there is anyway to go back and see the Trakt rating again unless I’m missing something.

Possible solutions could be implementing a ‘reset’ option either with a long press on the Rate button or have this option below the stars in the rating screen itself.

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Not at this time, but it is something we should probably add.


Thanks james. That would be great. Some may prefer to not have user ratings at all. Maybe have user ratings as a feature users could opt out of.
Would also clean up the media information page for those who don’t use that button.

I could envision a scenario whereby a family member goes and rates a bunch of things and I could never get the Trakt ratings back. Would be a frustrating situation to say the least.