remove other tab

hey can someone please tell me how can i remove the other tab on the ipad from the main screen

thanks in advanced

You have to go into ‘Other’ and manually fix the metadata for the videos that are in there.

Long press on Other and select Remove Favorite.

Whoops … answered the wrong question … previous answer is probable the only way.

there is no metadata to fix, this are a few home videos that i have on my plex server

that dont work, pressing the other tab long does nothing

The Other tab on iOS cannot be removed at this time.

Are these videos you simply don’t want to see on your device at all? If so, we’re working on a way to exclude certain Plex libraries for an upcoming version.

i do want to have this videos but no on the main screen, i dont need it there or have to have a tab for it, the best way will be to be able to remove the other tab completely