remove/move icons on 5.0.1

Just wondering if there is a way (like there was on old system 4.4.4) whereby we can alter plist files to remove or rename/reorder the icons on new 5.0.1 menu?

Would like to get rid of mlb and nba…editing plists worked perfectly on older gui software.






I was able to hide mine with a guide I found from somewhere.

Nav to /private/var/mobile/Library/Preferences and open


You will notice the names kinda in there. For example


Integer 1= Hidden

Integer 0= Visible


As for the apps that aren’t in there, just go to your Applications and put a .bak at the end.

ex: Movies.appliance.bak


As of right now thats the best i think there is until the dev a tweak to move/hide apps.


AH found the original thread.

Excellent will have a go…many thanks


That worked brilliantly. Many thanks.
Any idea on how to move icons to top level?
I have removed tv icon so now have four icons at top then five below. Looks a bit disjointed now lol. Would like to move icon to first on too row (media player or Xbmc)


As of right now Media is the only app that gets installed to the top row. I played around all day with a couple other with no success. Unless they build it to install there, we’re kinda sol.

My ideal top row would be NitoTV, Plex, XBMC, Computers, Settings

If I knew how to code, I would try and build a tweak so all can be hidden/moved.   Big IF lol

No worries, many thanks!

I would like XBMC Music Computers Settings  on top row, since I use Match.


Being able to customize which icons are the top row would be key for me as well