Remove MLB.TV and WSJ Live ATV 4.4.4

I have been looking for a solution for this but cant seem to find anything useful.

On lower firmware it was possible to do it using a tutorial like this:

But on 4.4.4 it isnt in there… :frowning:

So it must be moved somewhere else…

My question is does anyone know its current location or know a way to hide it?

Because I dont care about sports and like to have my youtube app on top of the list!!


I thought I’d reply to this to bump the thread. I’m looking to do the same thing but haven’t been having much luck.


It has been asked for a way to hide individual offerings within high level menu’s. We know we can hide the whole menu but some of us want to hide some of the offerings within a menu.

There are certain ones you can hide without a problem by editing the file mentioned in the OP’s link. However I have yet to find a way of doing so with the ones that aren’t listed.

I extracted the IPSW down to the lowest level (that is put onto the device) however those are all setup once the device is run for the first time so I wasn’t able to find the data. Downloading all of the data from the AppleTV over sFTP takes a long time. But I will have a look later and see what I can do.