Remove mandatory 'resolution' and 'tags' (imax) IF an item has a custom edition string

if i have a custom edition name and wanted the resolution or ratio (imax), i could simply add it to the string myself, otherwise it gets redundant once you get to 3 movie versions.

on top of that, i have to use the made up word “unmatted” in my custom string instead of ‘imax edition’ because if i write ‘imax edition w/ hdr’ in the tag then the version becomes 720p IMAX HDR imax edition w/ hdr, here an example:

it just seems as if the mandatory prefixes shouldn’t be mandatory. i can add the same data myself where and when i want said info which, i believe is the point of a custom edition string in the first place

The resolution is only shown if the resolution of the videos are different.

If you had 3 1080p videos then you would see the custom tags only, without the resolution.

If no custom tags are present then resolution would be the only tag listed.

thank you for the extra information. not the best solution in the world but i can try to sacrifice some bitrate for uniformity and encode them all the same rez. tho ideally i would want different resolutions of versions with only the custom “cut” name shown

and i still cannot use the word “imax” or “hdr” in the custom edition string (as often those are the only differences) so i still would argue that if a custom edition is present, then allow the user to set the whole tag instead of adding mandatory tags as a prefix

experimented using the mkv container to “tell it” it was at a higher resolution but that didn’t work so i’ll just have to re-encode

dang, i really do wish custom edition tags didn’t have mandatory prefixes

mods, i think both this topic and this one:

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and re-titled: “Expanded use of edition tags”

i re-encoded everything to 1080p to match all over versions in order to remove the resolution tag and i found a way to “trick” infuse into letting me display the IMAX however i’d like (for sorting purposes)

but now finally after all that work, i’ve hit a dead end. i can’t have an HDR encode without causing infuse to show 1080p for ALL the different cuts. and there’s no encoding some of these cuts with HDR so now i’m stuck with the resolution and HDR tag even tho i don’t want to display either

and i was so close to a final solution too. i guess i could try to strip the HDR from the file but then i lose HDR. dang it

are you open to removing the “automatic tags” of the file if a custom title is present? cause there’s no way for me to add “fake” HDR to a file to fix the screenshot above even tho all of them are “1080p”

and i have a feeling this is just going to keep happening as i add more and more HDR items

i have encoded “upscaled” of DVD only-cuts to 1080p to solve this for everything that doesn’t have this whole new HDR problem and that’s worked for me up till now