Remove items from „last added“

i wonder if there is any way to remove items from the last added top row. When i add a new TV show (f.e. South Park) the whole top row is covered by the single seasons and my other last added items disappear…

I‘m using the current version on an apple tv 4k (2022) with jellyfin as a server

I don’t use Jellyfin (just pure Infuse) so apologies if these suggestions don’t work with your situation.

Option 1 is to modify the Top Row setting to only include Movies (and exclude TV shows); 2nd option is to only show currently playing (and exclude recently added). 3rd option is to disable Top Row altogether, except that also removes it from the AppleTV homescreen (which to me is the only place it ought to be; since once I’m in the app I don’t need it anymore).

4th is me noting that in my pure Infuse experience that multiple added TV episodes only appear as one entry per-series, regardless # of episodes added. This is displayed as the main series entry in “recently added TV” and a link to the next-unplayed episode in the Top Row bar).