Remove "hard integrated" black bars

Hi guys,

some movies have black bars but the zoom option in Infuse helps sometime to get rid of them.
However some movies seem to have black bars in the video itself which result that the zoom option does not help.
I am a fan of no black bars, especially because I use Philips Ambilight and without black bars it is just better.

It would be cool if Infuse could automatically detect hard integraded black bars and filters them.

This isn’t possible to do automatically, but you can use a combination of the Video Zoom and Aspect Ratio options to crop some or all of the embedded black bars.

  1. Set Video Zoom to Crop or Stretch
  2. Adjust Aspect Ratio to match video (or a taller ratio if you want to leave a portion of the black bars)
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I am going to try this out, thanks!