Remove "Collections" from "All Movies" library

In the “All Movies” library it should show only individual movie titles even if they are part of a collection. All movies is a list of movies you have available and collections only show that you have at least one if not more of a collection series so you don’t know what you really have unless you open the collection which is another step in the “All Movies” library to see what you really have.

Collections are fine elsewhere but not in All Movies.



After going through the Movie Library choices for sorting it may be better off not using “Collections” in some of the other areas like release decade since many of the collections may span a few decade breaks like the 90’s and 2000s or 80s and 90s. Again in these cases you don’t see what you really have until you open the collection and that defeats the purpose of the sort.

I am leaning toward the idea of only using “Collections” when sorting for “Collections”, all other library choices should list individual movies since collections can span many variables such as age rating, genre, decade released, etc. and may include movies that aren’t even released yet or ones you don’t have in your library.

For me, having collections in ‘All Movies’ is my favourite recent implementation as it allows titles such as Star Wars, Fast an Furious, Planet of the Apes and Bond movies etc… to be in a more logical order rather than all over the place. I use All Movies as my standard area to go when deciding what to watch and would be really disappointed if this function were removed. I also understand your opinion so maybe the request could be for a settings option to enable collections in ‘All movies’ or not.

I agree with this totally. Please don’t remove it completely. If it is an option that is fine but I don’t want to loose it.

I have to agree with this, All Movies should display everything. As is it displays everything that is not a sequel, leaving you to delve between multiple layers to find these. It’s a needless nuisance considering Collections has its own dedicated filter.
I’d love the option for Collections to be disabled within All Movies.

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