Remove Boxee and Custom Menu Icon


I don’t use Boxee and want to delete it from the “XBMC/Boxee” Menu, rename the Menu to just “XBMC” and change the icon above from showing both the XBMC and Boxee icons to just the XBMC one.

Can this be done?



Unfortunately this cannot easily be done.

Yes you can but it does involve some hacking around through terminal
Here’s how I did it:
ssh into your AppleTV,
sudo bash
sudo mount -uw/
cd to /System/Library/CoreServices/
there you’ll find InfoPlist.strings
Copy to /Users/frontrow and place it on your desktop using Cyberduck or any other SSH client
Edit with texteditor, look for CFBundleName and change into “XBMC”, save and restore to it’s original location
(if you get permission errors try chmod 775 InfoPlist.strings to change permissions)
Now the menu item is changed into XBMC

Next , change icon;

ls to /System/Library/CoreServices/
and locate Preview.png
copy to /Users/frontrow and move to your desktop.
This file can be edited as you desire and saved as .png
restore to it’s original location and you’re all set.

Once you get the hang of it you can edit menu items, delete unwanted submenu’s , change default icons etc…
Be aware, once you update any of the apps through Maintenance, all is reset to default.!


Thank you for the instructions! All works well except the last step… it is met with a ‘Read-only file system’ error, and thus the edited file is not copied back into that directory.

Do you know of any ways to work around this?

Thank you,


Hi Ericjarvies,

Did you mount the filesystem as being writable (sudo mount -uw /) .?
Other option would be to copy the file you’ve edited to /users/frontrow, in terminal CD to /Users/frontrow and from there chmod 644 Info.plist

hope this helps