Remove ANY icon from main menu (MLB, WSJ, Flickr)

Awesome, thanks so much for this.  I’ve now hidden MLB, NBA, and NHL.  Much appreciated!


I also hid MobileMe photos ( – seeing as MobileMe is being retired this month.  I suspect Apple will issue an ATV update to remove that menu item too at the end of June.  But it’s good to know us jailbreakers can handle this ourselves! 


I am not sure what links to?  


I note there is also (for Photo Stream) and (for Flickr.)

I’ve discovered a little bit of a quirk.  With Parental Controls turned on (as this tweak requires) the ability to select a Flickr contact (or search) as a Screensaver disappears.  This is a bit odd since Parental Controls make no mention of Flickr.

In any case, what I have found that works is, setting the Screensaver to your Flickr selection first, and THEN toggling on Parental Controls.   Toggle off Parental Controls later if you want to make any changes to your Screensaver: Flickr selection.

And here’s a way to RENAME the “Movies” icon.

Perhaps one may extrapolate from this and figure out how to rename some of the others…


"It works perfectly. Thanks.


Can you also get 5 Icons in Row 1?

f.e. maintenance in row 1."


I would really like to make it stop looking like this.  











And to start looking like this ( I made this in paint so its not so special)












I am going to try to play around with the .plist files tonight/morning and see if I can come up with something. I have a grandfather who gets really confused when there are to many icons on screen and this would save a tone of problems with him.

Any idea's?

Now that it is 5.0 compatible… is there any way to remove the Remote HD icon from appearing?  The button does nothing other than show the version number.



iOS 6 Beta Allows Reordering of Icons on Apple TV



Hooray! Let’s hope it works w/ the top row icons too. I noticed they didn’t move them in the video…


More importantly, let’s hope iOS 6 is realistically jailbreakable (untethered, too) in a reasonable amount of time.  Because if not, I’d rather have my jailbreak and ATVFlash, than movable icons.  

I can’t find this file on 5.0.2 - Has it been removed? Can anyone confirm?

This is all I see (with hidden files shown too) :

Hi all. Just wondering if someone can help me here as i have no clue as to what i have done.

I tried following the tutorial to change the icons and used filezilla to log into the ATV2, i downloaded the file “” to my pc no problems then and used plist editor running in wine and saved the file then uploaded it back to the ATV2 basicly writing over the old file.

Once the file was uploaded to the ATV2 i didn’t notice any difference so i restarted the ATV2 only for all icons i.e xbmc nito tv etc to have vanished all icons except the basic netflix hulu plus icons are there with no jailbreak icons at all.


I tried to log into the ATV2 to try replace the modified plist file with the original but it wont even allow me to log into the ATV.


Any idea’s as to what i may have done wrong as i honestly have no clue lol. I have both original and modified plist files

Sorry for the double post, it now appears that xbmc and the other jailbreak icons and settings have reappeared after a hard reset of the ATV and everything seems to be working fine but if anyone can still help shed some light on what i may have done then it would be much appreciated.


Thanks, PL3B


That is most likely an cache problem…

The solution is indeed a reboot from the stock ATV settings app (Settings -> General -> Restart AppleTV) or the menu and down button method…

I think you just restarted lowtide from the maintenance app…


You could also try to ssh in your ATV and get a terminal running and do the following commands (as root):



after those commands your ATV will reboot and the cache is cleared…



Good Luck :slight_smile:



It is possible, because i succeeded to get maintenance in the top row but the icon becomes grey…

Haven’t tried XBMC but I guess the same… :frowning:

I modified the info.plist from the appliance (Applications/

The maintenance app has a string in the plist called BLShowInFirstRow set it to YES and reboot ATV and its on top…

But e.g. YouTube app doesn’t have that string and adding it manually doesn’t work either…


I have been watching this topic with great attention for quite a while now…

I was also able to move Maintenance to the TOP row… but I get no icon showing…apart for that, it all works fine.

Still digging to find a solution to this… would love to get PLEX also to show in TOP row

Worked for me as well, maintenance is grey, would like to give it a color :slight_smile:

The lack of icon is because Maintenance doesn’t include a TopRowIcon.png, which is what BeigeList (the bit that handles BLShowInFirstRow) shows as the icon. I’ve just added a TopRowIcon.png to CouchSurfer (just duplicated the AppIcon.png actually), and added the key to the plist, and it’s in the top row with its traditional icon.


I haven’t got Plex installed, but if BLShowInFirstRow works, then this will give it back an icon.

I have tried that… It is not working… I still get grey icon… Maybe there is something I am missing… Which plist did you edit? What keys did you enter?..can you provide a bit more details… Thanks a lot

On a similar theme, do you think it’d be possible to move the Netflix app back to the top row?

Is there a way to remove the “Computers” icon but leave “Music” and iTunes Match on?


Thanks. :slight_smile:


UPDATE: That was easy… I just followed this guide (for 4.x) and it seems to work for 5.x just as well! :slight_smile:

Now to figure out where the Netflix appliance is (it’s not in Internet.appliance) so I can try to move it to the top row… -.-

what key, smenus?