Remove all settings from "Media" menu.

I just installed atvflash. I like it a lot, but

What i don’t like is the cluttered media menu. There are too many options and settings. It takes too much effort and clicks to simply select a movie and play.

It would be much much better if all share- and folder setting are moved to the maintenance-menu in the main menu and keep the Media menu clean. 
Also remove the horizontal-top-menu. 
Setting things up like shares and favorites is something you’d do only once or twice. 

So: Just the favorites and main shares under “Media” nothing else, and all other settings for shares to the maintenance menu.

This would be really cool ! 

That would be perfect! Please consinder to seperate the setting from the Mediaplyer and maybe an option to do One “Icon” for each Favorite in the Mail menu.

So one coul set up an own “Movies”-Section or an own “TV Shows”-Section in the Main Menu.