Remove a single video from the library (ignore video files)

just another suggestion for the next releases: it would be nice and useful to be able to ignore a single video file or a folder from the library, to avoid unrecognised files.

If I add a folder as source, it can be possible that inside there is a video file not recognised by Infuse or a file for which is not possible to retrieve any information from internet (for example some extra videos of a TV serial, bootlegs and so on).
So it would be nice to have a function to tell to Infuse to ignore these files and to not show in the library, in order to keep the library clean and only with movies and tv serials.

A concrete example is a serial like “The Walking Dead” where soemtimes there are also websiodes (like in season 4) which are out of official releases and which are not recognised.

I hope I have explained well the topic. Besides, the best app ever for home entertainment :slight_smile:

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Welcome to the forum!

Infuse already has a way to ignore extras, it’s detailed here in the users guide.

Look under the section " Excluding folders and extras "

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I’m sorry, I didn’t want to spam by opening an unuseful topic. I haven’t seen that option.

I write for other readers: so I solved by naming a folder as “extras”, then I moved inside the video files I don’t want in the library. Perfect solution.

Thanks for the tip,
kind regards.

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