Removal of offlined content

The wording of the menu for removing files that was downloaded for offline watching is misleading.

It says ‘delete’ and the warning that comes up is something like ‘permantly deleted this…’ . To me this sounds like I’m deleting the file from my master library, especially if I am online.

I would like you to differentiate your wording for the local files (copies) and the source files (master).
Like ‘remove’ with confirmation ‘this will permantly remove this downloaded file from this device’ vs. ‘delete’ with confirmation ‘this will permanently delete this file from your library’


Thanks for the feedback.

While browsing files the location of the file you are viewing is displayed on the ticket itself.

For example: “on Synology”

For local/downloaded content, this will appear as: ‘Synced’

To be on the safe side, you can also disable the ‘File Management’ option in Infuse > Settings and this will disable the ability to delete any remote content whatsoever.

This is all good… but I consider myself to be a experience user and I am not at all clear what is meant nor do I trust the correct but wage messages. Delete is perceived as something permant. Synched or download (both terms are used for the same thing) do not match with Delete. Unsynch or remove download would be better from usability/clarity point of view.

It’s all for being easy to use and avoid misunderstandings.

I actually only have read access to my file library through the shares I use but I’m still worried about deleting files…

Thanks. We’ll see if we can improve this for a future update.

Can I just endorse what Jasell is saying. I’ve already accidentally deleted several files from my cloud account when all I wanted to do was delete from my device. Is this process documented anywhere?

Perhaps I’ve not searched the forums enough but I wonder when infuse will fix this. I’ve just maxed out my iPad and am having a devil of a time trying to clear out space because of infuse.

Deleting local and remote files in Infuse is currently possible (more info here Moving & Deleting Videos (iOS only) – Firecore).

What this thread is discussing is improved messaging, so it’s clear local files are being deleted and not the remote copies.