RemoteHD update Bricked Atv2 [FIXED]

I only signed up here so i can share this iformation with you…

like everyone does upgrades there packages…remotehd update made my atv2 show blank screen on 4.4.3


if this has happened to you this is the fix

use putty and ssh in and type commands and hit enter after each command

“this removes”

apt-get remove remotehd-atv2



ssh back in again

“this downloads older version that worked”



“this installs it”

dpkg -i remotehd-atv2_4.3.6_iphoneos-arm.deb



hope this has helped people…RemoteHD shouldnt release non stable product until fully tested



    Thanks for posting this.  I just ran into this last night.  I agree about the RemoteHD product not being vetted properly.  I would also add that FireCore should not allow any “Updates” be made available for ATV2 unless it has been tested on all working versions of iOS.