RemoteHD Installed - Black Screen Problems

I just installed RemoteHD via the maintenance menu, and when the ATV boots up, I can't seem to access anything and my Iphone remote won't connect.

The screen goes black and it stays black until the screen saver comes on.  Is there anyway to easily remove Remote HD? Or am I stuck doing a factory restore? I prefer not too.


I have same problem but unrelated to HDRemote installation.  I've been away for a couple of weeks and when I returned my AppleTVs were black screen upon resetting by removing power supply.  Startup video plays, but black screen follows, a few minutes after which the the default photos screen saver comes on.  No way to view menus now.  I tried installing newest aTV update, but get same problem.

Are you using an external drive for primary storage (iTunes syncing)?

i've got this same problem... just blank screen after the startup movie, iphone remotes won't connect, apple remote makes sounds but nothing happens, can't access any menus, please help