Remote touchpad...

Dunno since which version, I started having problem when using ATV remote touchpad in Infuse, click the touchpad, Infuse not only pauses, but also pulls down menu, this is very annoying: I have to cancel the menu because I want to seek… many times I have to repeat it couple of times try not to trigger pull-down menu.

Looks like If I click the very bottom of touchpad, the chance of triggering pull-down menu might be reduced, but it could be great if you make Infuse same as other tvOS apps: I don’t see any other tvOS Apps behave like this.


I got my ATV 4K this month and I can’t believe what a calamity the touch pad is to use on these remotes. I now only use it to turn off my ATV and for speaking to Siri once in a while. Otherwise I always use my Harmony remote with the ATV, it’s much better to have proper direction and shuttle buttons. I’ve no idea what Apple were thinking but they never seem to get remotes right, they are always trying to break the mould with their products, but with remotes they just break usability. If it wasn’t for Siri integration in these remotes and the need to press and hold the TV app button to bring up the sleep option it would be put away in the draw.

Sorry to rant and to not help with your issue, but they really do bug me lol.

That doesn’t usually happen to me. After I click the touchpad it just pauses. I just tested it. Sometimes I do get the menu, but that’s because I very slightly move down the thumb while pressing. I especially see it when selecting an option in the Settings. I often end up pressing the option below the one I wanted.

My opinion is that the sensibility of the touchpad is broken. I share many of Andydigital’s complaints indeed. It’s just… weird. When I want to scroll up or down of one row, swiping, it often misses it. But if I slightly touch it, it scrolls. I have been searching for options similar to the ones for the MacBook touchpad, but I couldn’t find any.

Anyway, one solution to your issue would be to press the pause/play button and then seek and then press the pause/play button again. That’s what I am learning to do, because when I click the touchpad after seeking it goes to a different position (due, again, to a slight movement to the left or right).

I am always doing seek by click-seek-click, the 2 clicks always trigger pull-down menu.

I thought it is remote problem, but it only happens with Infuse, I don’t have any problem with other player apps like YouTube, in YouTube, wherever I click, it simply pauses/resumes, never triggers menu.

I guess it could be due to Infuse isn’t using tvOS’s built-in player, it implements its own player interface, some details need to be tuned.

Oh. No, that never happened to me. You may have encountered a weird bug. I get the other way around, though. Scrolling down the menu the videos pauses, which is the option I prefer (Netflix keeps playing for example. I don’t like it).

Does it happen even if you pause with the TV remote (via HDMI-CEC)? Still it seems like something that should be investigated by the Infuse devs. That isn’t the correct behaviour at all.

Actually last night I watched some stuff and scrolling down the menu in a film paused the video, in another it kept playing. Actually I am not sure anymore, it could be related to subtitles. With the embedded subs it kept playing, downloading an external sub (because the one available was out of sync) it paused? I can’t remember well.

Do you have Passthrough enabled by chance? If so, Infuse will pause the video when the menu is open if the video being played has an AC3/DTS audio track.

Aww… Yes I do. Ok then, that must be it. Thanks!

PS: Any chance to make it the default behaviour? At least when passthrough is enabled in the settings. Also for a consistency matter.