Remote support for Flex and

Is there a remote software for iPhone or iPad to control the Flex and app in aTV Flash (black) ? I already have the "Remote" apps from Apple and it is working great with my aTV2 but does not control any apps that comes from the jailbreak apps like Flex,, .... Is the "Remote HD" app can do that ? It seem to use a kind of VNC remote protocol to communicate with the aTV.

Any suggestion ?



Any comments on that ? Is the iphone/ipad apps called Remote from Apple is the only remote we can use with the AppleTV2 ?

The 'Remote' app from Apple can control the added menus (, Browser, etc...) though I don't think this app will support XBMC.

Good ! But are you telling me that the Apple "Remote" app will show up on my iPhone display the menu with the tags and artist radio ?