Remote streaming of a 4k movie

I have a remote server with a 20 gbps internet connection, and in my house I have a 100 mbit internet connection.

I connect to the shared folder on the remote server with a FTP connection.

When I try to start a 4k movie or a 1080p movie on my AppleTV 4k at home, it is very slow to start, and it is buffering all the time.

If I try to watch a 4k or 1080p movie on my iPhone on the same network, it works perfectly. I can use airplay to watch a 4k movie on my TV, and this works perfect.

Why does it work perfect on my iPhone, and not on my AppleTV 4k?

How is the ATV connected, WiFi or wired?

I use wired connection

My first suggestion would be to try a different cable and if possible port on your network switch (I am assuming your network is 1Gb rather than 100Mb); The most likely cause is that an issue with the cabling is causing the network connection to downgrade to 100Mb (which is not enough for streaming a 4K video), which will silently happen if there is a problem with one of the wires in the network cable.

I just tried with Wifi and some different cables, but it still buffering all the time. When I play 4k movies from my NAS it works perfect.

I will try to use another server.

Are you saying 4K streams ok from a NAS on your local network but not from a server located on the internet?


But I’am trying a new server now, and now it seems to work great :slight_smile:

Infuse is a very great app. I just need it for my Mac too.

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