Remote streaming from Synology DS214play

I’m using Infuse 4 Pro. (Willing to upgrade if necessary, but the options are confusing.) I want to be able to stream MKV files on my Synology DS214play away from my home network.

I have installed the “WebDAV Server” package and selected “Enable HTTPS” (port 5006).

In Control Panel>Connectivity>External Access, I have a DDNS set up with a “” hostname.

Control Panel>Connectivity>QuickConnect, I’ve enabled QuickConnect with a Synology Account tied to my email address and a unique QuickConnect ID. I’ve tested the DSM URL, and it works perfectly.

In Infuse, I choose to “Add Files.” Under “Available Shares”, I tap “Other…”. For “Protocol” I select “WebDAV (HTTPS)”. Here are my entries (with “xxx” being my unique QuickConnect ID):

Share Name: My Media
Protocol: WebDAV (HTTPS)
Port: 5006

The username and password I enter are the same as what I use to login from my QuickConnect URL.

After several minutes, the connection times out with the message “An error occurred. Unable to connect to server.”

All users in the Control Panel are allowed access to “WebDAV Server”.

What am I missing or doing wrong?

First of all, I think your issue is unrelated to QuickConnect, since that is another way of accessing your Syno. I have a similar setup (webdav over https, with a DDNS setup) and I even have QuickConnect disabled.

On important thing to check first, did you forward port 5006 on your router?

Since I don’t know how to forward a port on my router, I’m guessing that’s the issue. (Total noob not versed in networking lingo.) I’ll search for how to do that and try again. Do you see any other glaring issues?

Thank you so much!

Here’s a video how to forward ports on your brand of router