Remote problems

My remote function is fubar since the SeasOnPass JB. The apple tv is not properly handling request from the remote. I have a apple remote, and a logitech harmony remote. With both the apple tv is not properly handling request. I will try to watch a movie in plex and the harmony can not fast foward /  rewind / play / or pause. The menu button will work. With the apple remote it will read the read all the buttons but no actions immedately occur. Then short after an action does occur the video fails.

The error is: "An Error has occurred loading this content. try again later." <--- from content on the LAN and internet (nothing is sucking the bandwidth either)  

Trying the same thing with podcast and it did the same thing to me. I have paired and unpaired both remotes. I have basically lost function. When i press a button i do see the light on a the apple tv blink to acknowledge its recieve a command. 

I am on a few feet away from the apple tv when trying this

So once again since the JB my remotes have lost pretty much all functionality.

Please help me resolve this!  

same problem in netflix also... 



fine here, but I changed as soon as possible to the fullscreen iPad Remote, which offers a keyboard to ease input ...

I think i have figured out the issue... this jailbreak jacks part of my controls on my harmony. The Multidirectional pad works perfect, and "ok" works for play and pause. Still a issue since it wasn't like that before, but it works and that all i want.