Remote Plex Server and Infuse

Good morning,

New member here. I read a lot of positive and great things about Infuse and I must admit the player and interface is the best going around.

However I connect to a remote Plex library which is very large, and the result is that Infuse is basically unusable on Apple TV (or any ios devices for that matter). It takes hours upon hours to scan the library and then the metadata is a nightmare. My home page will load artwork then after a while these will drop. To load a new section such as recently released for example will take minutes to load the content and artwork.

I have fetch metadata turned off thinking that might help, as the caching of metadata is in the gigabytes and is just to slow when I had it turned on.

I want to use Infuse as the player in the native plex app is terrible, however the library feature of Infuse is making this unusable. The native plex app will load the library instantly which is what I was hoping Infuse could achieve.

Am I doing something wrong ? Would love to hear how other members set up there Infuse to use large remote Plex libraries.


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there are some working enhancements reported in the current Beta 6.1 regarding Plex Remote Library connection


Ok thanks for that. Hopefully there are vast speed improvements.

How can I join the beta program ?


i am having the same problem. Infuse is only usable for me, if the media file is on the front page (on deck).
Takes 3-4 minutes to load the start screen.

Tried to turn metadata fetching off. And the search function isn’t working because its trying to build the database.

Would also like to join the beta if there are improvements.


Same here. Just unusable as it is. Takes forever to load everything and search is useless due to constant database updates

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It still takes sometimes up to 10 mins to scan new entries for a large remote plex server.
And it’s frustrating when start Infuse and want to watch something instantly without waiting.

I ended up removing the plex server, added it back but prevented infuse from scanning the libraries and generating metadata. Now I use smart and custom playlists for tv shows, seasons and movies, that then shows up instantly in Infuse once added as favorites.
You won’t be able to search or see other content from the server other than the content of the playlists.

I use plex iOS App to keep up with new entries on the server and to add individual items and update my custom playlists.

It’s far from perfect but it’s usable.

Has there been any traction in addressing this ? I noticed no mention at all in 6.1. fingers crossed that Plex gets some love here as firecore on tvos is the bees knees. But completely useless with a large remote Plex library.

I’m in the same boat. Large Plex library and it’s almost impossbile to use Infuse as the go-to media player when you want to quickly watch something.

Loading takes ages, most of the time I end up looking up the show in the specific library.

Any improvement in this area with the newly released 6.1?

Would also like to know if this is being addressed. Only thing holding me back from using Infuse exclusively. MrMc loads my remote libraries within seconds.