Remote playback with Plex transcode & HDR conversion?

I am considering upgrading my Plex server to handle 4K. I’ll only have 1 4K display for now though, so I’d want to make sure that I can play the 4K content on 1080p displays also.

Assuming the server is powerful enough to handle the transcode, if I use Infuse to play a 4K movie on an AppleTV connected to a 1080p TV will it be transcoded to 1080p with the HDR-SDR conversion? I would need this to work both on my local network as well as remotely over the Internet.

Infuse streams directly from your server and handles any transcoding directly on the AppleTV. It doesn’t act like a traditional Plex client. Remote play is not supported (it doesn’t work in Infuse on my devices).

Remote play is supported in Infuse, but transcoding is not. This means that in order to remote stream your upload connections needs to be fast enough to stream the video your trying to play.

We’ll be working to add options for transcoding videos in a future Infuse version.

Thanks for responding, James. If you could get the transcoding to work that would be awesome. It really just needs to tell the server to transcode the video. I wouldn’t want the transcoding to be handled by the player itself. That way the data bandwidth needed for the remote playback is much lower. But the trick might be that the HDR-to-SDR conversion also needs to happen for 4K/UHD HDR movies.

We’ll need to explore what options we have for transcoding HDR, but if it’s possible we’ll find a way to make it work. :wink:

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Hello I am using Infuse with files in Google drive. I am paying the subscription and I am doing some test.
I am watching a 4K movie on my apple TV 4K but on a 1080P TV who is doing the transcode Google, Infuse or Apple TV itself?
I guess Apple TV am I right?


Yes, currently Infuse will direct play everything so decoding would be done on the Apple TV.