Remote playback issue

I’m currently out of town and thought I would take my iPad to watch my content. I’m currently connected via Plex server and noticing that no matter what I try to play, Infuse just sits on the loading black screen. Thought it was the Wi-Fi connection in the hotel room. But installed Plex on my iPad and tried it and things play pretty quickly.
Any idea what is causing this??

This maybe because of transcoding…

So as far as I know when the Plex Server is serving the Plex App transcoding will happen to make the files smaller to play over lower bandwidth connections, Infuse however will always try to direct stream, IE pull the files as they are which of course will require alot more bandwidth.

Typically the bandwidth limitation will be at your home, at least in the UK most high speed internet has a super fast download but as an upload speed only 10% of that…my connection is 350Mbps down but only 35Mbps up, there is no chance I am streaming a 4K movie when I am out and about I have to download the content to Infuse either before I go or leave it a long time when I am out. Luckily it works fine for the tiny files my daughter likes to watch, IE Peppa Pig which caches in a flash.

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