Remote Play Inquiry

Hey Everyone,

I’m sorry if this topic has been covered already. However, I can’t find it with the searching I’ve done.

I’m loving Infuse so much more then using the Plex app.

Currently, I have a new MacMini running as my Plex Server and it’s connected with an ethernet port.

From my understanding. When I’m home and it’s doing DirectPlay. My Mac is not transcoding and my Apple TV is doing it.

If I were to set up remote play. Would their Apple TV do the transcoding? Or would it still be the same as if they were using Plex, with the transcoding happening on the MacMini?


It will do direct play same as when connected. I believe there was talk of supporting plex transcoding sometime in the future

How would I set that up on my Mac mini? How would I find the files on a remote apple tv?

Install plex and make sure it’s remote accessible in the webui (if it isn’t go to the plex forum for more help). In Infuse add your plex server as a source. That’s it. Everything is direct play so make sure your upload speed can handle it (20Mbps for 1080p)

So you will get remote play and direct play? Even if it’s remote? Any file?

Yes all files will be played directly as Infuse doesn’t yet support server-side plex transcoding.