remote networking issues.

i have my media setup at home with a user account setup for my sister to give her remote access to my mini. She has my atv2 at her house and has been attempting to access the media files on my mac but hasn’t had any success. she used the tutorial provided on the site for streaming from a mac/pc and NAS. i double checked to make sure file sharing was enabled. 

one thing that may be the issue is that i have a my main router and all my work computers running on my main network, and i also have a AEBS attached to that router so i can have a private network for media and data streaming 

hope someone can help me with this

Is this in the same house?  

no they are not in the same house. 

this is the error I’m getting. 

An error occured" AFP connection failed: unreachable network or incorrect login/password

Well a couple things here, its really not a ATV problem is basic networking.  How/what method of connection is she trying to get to your server?  You need a secure static connection.  And even if you do, the bandwith may be too slow to truly stream anything anyway.

she was using the instructions provided on the site. she said she used AFP and the login info i had given her for her remote access/file sharing account

Instructions provided here are for Local Area Connections, meaning “attached to same router”.  This is a more advanced function and I would not advise it.