Remote Infuse during traveling

Hello, lovely Infuse community!

I’m reaching out for some guidance on enhancing my media setup for both home and travel use. Here’s what I’m working with:

  • Devices: Apple TV 4K, iPad
  • Software: Infuse (premium), Plex (premium)
  • Hardware: NAS (Network Attached Storage)

At home, Infuse works flawlessly on my Apple TV 4K, streaming directly from my NAS. No issues there. However, I’m planning to travel soon and would like to take my Apple TV 4K with me. I also enjoy watching movies on my iPad, particularly during car rides.

The challenge I’ve faced is with offline viewing on my iPad. While Infuse allows downloading videos for offline viewing, it’s easy to forget to download in advance. To solve this, I’ve invested in Plex premium, anticipating that it would enable me to access my Infuse library remotely.

I’m seeking advice on a couple of points:

  1. Remote Access with Plex: Can anyone guide me on how to configure Plex effectively for remote access? I want to make sure I can smoothly stream my content while away from home.
  2. Home Use - NAS or Plex?: When I’m at home, should I continue using my NAS as the primary source for streaming, or switch to using Plex as my main source? I already have a Plex server running on my NAS.

I’d greatly appreciate any tips, tricks, or insights from those who’ve navigated similar setups. Your experiences and suggestions will be incredibly helpful in optimizing my media experience both at home and on the road.

Thank you in advance for your help!

There’s a users guide that should get you started in the right direction.

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You can use plex or you can install tailscale on your devices and access remotely through the mesh VPN.