Remote HD

Remote HD install is not functionning. Could you please fix this ?

I have the same issue.

The same issue!

Same here

The same!!! If you install remote HD, and not available in main menu? Right? Its fixed? Thanks!!!

I’m also having no luck with Remote HD.

After installing, the Apple TV restarts but Remote HD doesn’t work.

In the Maintenance menu it’s listed as being installed, but attempting to remove it from there doesn’t work either. Whilst it does say it succeeded at the removal, viewing the log lists it as not being installed and no action taken. After the removal attempt and a restart, it’s still listed as installed.

I can confirm the same Installation and removal Bugs.

New version of Remote HD (4.3.5) with fixes for the 4.3 software is now available via Maintenance --> Manage Extras.

Thanks this solved my issue!