Remote HD

are folks having any performance issues with Remote HD. Mine runs very slowly when using it with apple tv. Is this expected. Just wondering if this is the normal performance.
besides that, i have to see atvflash and appletv are amazing. folks without apple tv do not understand what they are missing.

Mine is no slower than the Apple remote which has always been slow.

I am having an issue though, when using my iPad and Remote HD-
When playing a Movie or TV Show…the ipad also displays the movie and it causes stuttering video on both the ipda and TV set. How do I disable video playback on the ipad so I can watch a movie while using the ipad as a remote??

I can scroll around and the Menu button works but I can’t select anything using the OK button. I can’t play anything or pause anything…basically the “OK” button doesn’t do anything at all.

Anyone have a work around for that? I’ve already tried unpairing remotes in case that was a problem…no effect.

According to the Remote HD developer a bug-fix version has been submitted to Apple for approval. This version should hopefully be approved within the next day or so.

The changes included in this version are listed below.

[i]- Fixed broken OK button when used with AppleTV

  • Ability to switch leather background
  • Reduced clutter in iPhone interface
  • Added overlaid controls in RemoteView
  • Added Precision click in RemoteView
  • Added AppSwitcher in RemoteView
  • Mac keyboard gets a tab button
  • Keyboard shift key now releases automatically
  • Fixed empty AppSwitcher bug
  • Fixed interface shifting bug[/i]

Another bug. If you try to load XBMC using Remote HD, the screen goes black

New new version of Remote HD is available through the app store.

Remote HD should also be updated on the AppleTV through the Maintenance → Install Extras menu.

I’m much happier now! The new version of Remote HD works very well. The original version did not work at all (how did it ever get released?). There are still a lot of things I don’t understand about the Remote HD app. Like: what is the slider bar for on the Apple TV remote. The information about how to use Remote HD posted on their website is very poor!!

I think Remote HD is a very good app but my first experience with it was very bad.

The Remote HD app could really enhance aTVFlash, but you need to provide more information on how to use it!

Steve Q

New version fixes the problems. Glad they were able to figure the bugs out! YAY!

New version of Remote HD plugin now supports touch navigation in AppleTV.

We are working on an update to enable VNC view for XBMC (only navigation works currently).
If you are experiencing any issues or have any feature requests let us know…

I find it very difficult to use touch navigation ( I have an iTouch). When I enlarge (pinch out) the ATV menu, I cannot move the screen so I can make the pointer to go where I want. I am also not able to figure out how to use the “precision click” feature. Where to tap? 1 tap or 2? How move without tapping? Please post some examples of how to use these features.

I also can’t get “3 finger scroll” to work?

Thanks for your help
Steve Q

After you zoom in RemoteView on your device, you can drag to pan. But you cannot pan more than what’s on the screen connected to the AppleTV.
To reach menu items beyond the screen, you will need to scroll using the arrow keys.

Tip: To select a menu item tap it on the interface. To go back (same as pressing menu button), tap with two fingers.
Two finger tap to go back only works when AppleTV interface is active. When other interfaces like Firefox is active, two finger tap will send a right click.

The precision click is an advance feature which is turned off by default.
To enable precision click you must go into Remote HD settings and enable it in there.
Once precision click is enabled, you can tap on the cursor to open an accessory view. You can now drag the cursor to hard to reach screen areas by dragging this accessory view.
Taping on the accessory will send a mouse click. Tapping on a region outside the accessory view will close the accessory view.
Accessory view also gives you a right click button and a keyboard button.

To drag the pointer around remotely you must use the trackpad. Remote View is designed to tap on items, not for dragging the pointer remotely.

The three finger scroll is a bit tricky to use but once you get the hang of it, it is very useful.
To scroll in a window using three fingers, first make sure that the window is active.
Next place all three finger on the screen without moving any, otherwise the device thinks that you are zooming or panning.
Then scroll up or down.

Thanks for the quick reply. My major use for RemoteHD is to control the AppleTV to play radio and music. I keep the TV OFF.

I have no problem using the arrow keys on RemoteHD. They work very well. But in order to read many of the sub menu items, I must zoom in. When I do this, the menu items are under the transparent control buttons. They are very difficult to read. I can drag the screen up, but it will not stay there! Since it moves, I cannot “tap” on the menu item.

The 2 finger “tap to go to the menu” does not work consistently. It only worked for me once out of ten tries. Because it is so inconsistent, I will not use this feature.

In the precision click; ““Accessory view also gives you a right click button and a keyboard button.”” Yes, I see “two buttons” inside the the box, but how do you get them to work? Double tap; two fingered tap; tap and hold??? I can’t get it to make a “right button click”!

““Tapping on a region outside the accessory view will close the accessory view.”” Yes, but it also selects the menu item that is currently highlighted. This is a pain.

I do not understand the purpose of or how to use the “Track Pad”. Can you please explain how it can be used with the AppleTV.


Steve Q

There is a small down arrow button (top right) on the overlaid panel. Tapping on it will close the overlaid panel. Then you can move your page around more easily.
If you hold the iPhone in portrait mode, the AppleTV screen renders on the top half of the screen. Tapping on the blank area at the bottom half of your display will also bring up the overlaid controls.

To send a two finger tap, tap on an area that does not have a menu item. Without letting go, tap with a second finger. Tapping like this will give you consistent results.

Precision click does not support drag or tap + hold. This was an old feature brought back in the last update. Next Remote HD application update will fix this issue.
The trackpad does not work in AppleTV’s interface because this interface does not understand mouse control.
The trackpad is useful when working with other applications like XBMC or Firefox.

Issues that you have listed are well defined and are very useful to us. We are working on the next update of Remote HD plugin for AppleTV.
We will address all these issues in this update. The update will also enable RemoteView when using Boxee or XBMC since currently it shows a blank screen.
The update should be ready around the weekend.


Steve Q

New Remote HD plugin (version 4.0.4) has just been created and submitted to aTV Flash team.

Here are the release notes:

  • RemoteView now works with XBMC and BOXEE
  • Improved RemoteView speed
  • Fixed video shattering when iPad was connected
  • Fixed tapping on empty areas causing incorrect clicks
  • Improved right clicks (secondary taps)
  • Fixed memory leaks / crashes

An update should be available soon.

I can confirm the new version is now available through the Maintenance → Install Extras menu. :slight_smile:

If anyone comes across any issues, let us know.
We have started working on the next update.
Soon you will be able to control the AppleTV interface using gestures with our trackpad.
If you need more features, let us know.

I’ll throw one out - What about adding something like Air Video? :slight_smile: (

Would you like video streamed to your iPhone/iPad and nothing playing on AppleTV (like airvideo does)
or stream what is playing on the screen (with audio) into your iPhone/iPad?

The new features of Remote HD for controlling Boxee are really great!! I can now use it to fully control Pandora radio running on Boxee on my Apple TV, without even having to turn on the TV. This is really great. When I and sitting out on the patio, I can use my iTouch to start and control my patio speakers. Very nice.

I still have some trouble moving the cursor up and down a list of songs. It wants to go to the top or bottom of the list without stopping in-between.

Steve Q