Remote HD Only Works After Reboot

I have purchased the remote HD app for my Iphone but it only connects to the atv and works if the atv has just been rebooted. When I start the app it sees the apple tv but fails to connect, if I reset the atv it connects fine and works for the rest of the day. Any ideas?

You may want to check and ensure Remote HD is fully up-to-date. Remote HD updates can be installed through the Maintenance → Install Extras menu.


I have exactly the same problem! Both the app and the remote hd on the computer are updated.
Iphone wont login, just gets stuck on the tap screen to stop connection, however after an atv reboot works perfect.
Any ideas??

There have been a number of Remote HD updates over the past 2 weeks that address (among other things) little bugs like this. You may want to ensure Remote HD is up to date through the Maintenance → Install Extras menu.

If you’re still having trouble after updating please let us know.