Remote hd and AirPlay

Hi all,

It is just me and my iPad or is the AirPlay function with remote hd flaky? It seems very hit and miss with various apps. Either only audio is heard, an error with the content is displayed or nothing at all. Are there any tips in increasing satisfaction and reliability?

Very flaky for me too.  I just reinstalled on my ATV 1st gen to see if that might fix some of the issues.  Running iOS 5 I thought this new version just released last week would resolve some of the issues.  Can’t get any youtube vids to play from my iphone 4 or ipad 2.

Same here. For some reason I can play video and only the audio comes through on the ATV. Whereas if I use it in Youtube it works fine.

I haven’t tried the latest version recently, but this has always been hit or miss: would work in some apps, not others

I’ve been too scared to move to iTunes 10.5, in case basic iTunes syncing fails. Are either of you syncing iTunes 10.5 successfully?

And appears to be working fine.