Remote has stopped responding


I’ve got Apple TV 2.1 and an older version of aTV Flash installed (3.2.1). I recently manually installed XBMC/Boxee (which was working just fine) because I’m unwilling to upgrade to 2.2 yet.

However today my remote has completely stopped working. I have the Apple TV set up to work with my Logitech Harmony 550. However, now when I press the remote buttons the white light blinks on the Apple TV but nothing happens - I am stuck at the main menu although I have noticed that the “click” noise is playing but the menu selection does not move. I have tried to use the Apple Remote that came with it but I am getting an amber light when I press buttons on that. I have tried to manually unpair/pair using the rewind/fast-forward and the menu button but that isn’t working either.

Has anyone had this happen before? If I can’t use the remote how do I restore the Apple TV? I have rebooted the unit several times - each time I get the same error.

Update I just upgraded to aTV Flash 3.3.1 (still compatible with the 2.1 firmware) and the remote is still not functioning. The white light blinks for every keypress but nothing happens. Every other Apple remote causes the white to go amber. The pair/unpair is still not working either. I have AppleCare on it but I’d like to uninstall aTV Flash before I take it in. Is that possible to do without having a functioning remote?

Problem averted. Apparently rebooting by pulling the power cord wasn’t doing enough. So… I checked to see if I still had SSH access and I did. I typed “reboot” at the command line and… remote works again. Weird huh?