Remote for browsing the actual AppleTV 2 apps

this regards more to the regular ATV2 iOS browsing but didn’t know where to post it. Is there a remote app that will let me browse the apps that are on the actual apptv? Example Radio. This way I can play the radio app without turning on the tv.

Rowmote is the best, but its navigation only. I can’t Start the Radio (for example, or XBMC) without turning on the TV and see what is selected. I need something like the XBMC remotes that you can see the icons/menus like movies, tv shows, programs, settings in the actual app on the smartphone.


If you are on firmware 4.4.4 or earlier on your ATV2 then Remote HD app can do what you want. However unfortunately as far as I know this does not (yet anyway) run on the 5.x series of firmware.

I would be very happy to hear myself if there is any other equivalent that runs on the 5.x versions of ATV2 firmware.

Exactly what I needed. The one ATV2 I have is on 4.4.4 and it works perfectly. The one I have on 5.0.2 dont work. Any new version that I can’t still find?


Not that I know of.

The lack of Remote HD support is the one thing I really miss from the ATV2 I have running 5.2 firmware. I am hoping that at some point a version of the Remote HD component that runs at the ATV2 end will be upgraded to run on the 5.2 firmware. I am assuming it was the move to the underlying iOS version being iOS6 that broke the Remote HD support.

I just did: apt-get install remotehd-atv2

and got the icon on my 5.0.2 firmware.

To remove it type: apt-get purge remotehd-atv2

Now I dont what version of Remote HD to get. What is the difference from the one that is 8$ and the one that is 2$?




EDIT: The lite version does not support AppleTV 2 :confused:
8 bucks is a litle too much…

I use rowmote and works like a charm on my apple tv2 5.2

The problem with that as far as I know is that you still need your TV switched on to see what you are doing with Rowmote? Remote HD (which unfortunately does not currently work on 5.2/5.3) would also show you the menus that would be on the TV screen so it avoided the need to tie up the TV for doing things like playing audio which I found extremely useful.

I read remote HD is not liking 5.2/5.3 and some having bricking issues when trying to install. Have there been any updates on this? Are we ever going to see remote hd work on latest ios?