Remote doesn't work after last update

Hey folks. I attempted to comb through the existing problems on the site, but couldn’t find a related issue.

Is anyone else having problems with their Apple TV remote after installing the latest version? My remote app on my iPhone works just fine, but the physical remote that came with my Apple TV is…well, it’s odd. I can click any button on it and the little light on the apple TV box will blink and I’ll hear the typical noise as if it received the information from the remote, but nothing happens. Arrows don’t move me around. Menu doesn’t back out of anything. Nothing happens. Just a sound, a light flash and nothing. Again, the remote on my iPhone works fine, but is there some issue with the physical remote now?

Thanks all. Sorry if this is a simple question.

One of my friends had the same problem, he had to restore to the latest official version to get it working. 

You might want to check the pairing state of your remote under Settings. I got this at one point, and re-setting the remote pairing fixed it for me.

I assume you mean the latest official version of Apple’s software. In other words, restore the box back to factory settings, update and then jailbreak it again?

For those of you following along at home, I figured it out.

I took your advice and went to settings. After attempting to learn a new remote and that failing I decided to unpair and then pair the remote. Again, nothing. For some reason I unpaired the remote again and PRESTO. The damn thing worked.

I would imagine that it was somehow paired with a different remote. The funny thing is, I don’t OWN another remote. Weird.

It shouldn’t be working, but it does. All is well with the world again. Thanks for the advice.

Hi Ryan. yes official update and re jailbreak, it didn’t need re-pairing. He did try t hat first, but it didn;t work, thats why he tried the clean update option. Perhaps he should have persisted.