Remote Control of iPad which is running Infuse

I’d like to buy a little hardware remote control to control my iPad when it is running Infuse. For example, start /stop movie and jump forwards and back.

For example the “Satechi BT MediaRemote Bluetooth Multi-Media Remote Control”

Does anyone know if this type of Bluetooth controller works in most or all apps on an iPad and especially is it likely to work in Infuse?

If this type of device doesnot work, can an iPhone be used to control Infuse on an iPad in this way? I’d prefer a dedicated remote.





I took a chance and ordered the remote control not expecting it to work with Infuse and I’m really pleased to say it works perfectly.

It is quite limited in what it can do as a media controller but I suspect that is because Apple do not allow much control via Bluetooth. When I’ve been investigating remote control of an iPad, I see many people saying it needs to be jailbroken. Something I’m not prepared to do.

It allows volume up and down, play and pause and “next track” “previous track” when used as a video controller. I’d have liked stop playing and go back to menu where up and down arrows could be used but I guess that is not allowable. 

I’m really pleased it does the main functions that I wanted. It’s a good quality plastic remote about the size of a thick Apple TV controller. It works over bluetooth and is said to have a range of 30 feet.