Remote control of infuse on ipad

Does anyone know of a way to remote control infuse on an iPad.

I’d like to be able to hook up my iPad to a tv while I’m away from home and use either an app on my iPhone or a physical remote to play/pause infuse running on my iPad.

Any ideas?

Google is your friend!

Cheers, I did see that when I was searching.

I’d like to think I’m not being dumb but for the life of me I couldn’t work out how to get this working. If anyone could give me a few hints on what switches they have setup for this and how to get the menu option up to control the other device I’d appreciate it.

It’s been some time since this question was asked. Has there been any movement on this front (other than “google it”)?
I have exactly the same use case.
No, the accessibility feature is not adequate. It’s clunky, puts devices into weird mode, a faff to setup and deactivate.
Seeking a more elegant solution for this. Either using an app or physical remote control.
Ideal solution would be to just use the Infuse app. Run the app on two devices (eg an iPhone and an iPad), link them, then one instance plays the video while the other instance has the UI.
Similar to how Youtube can link the Youtube app to select and play videos shown on the TV.