Remote control feature for Infuse

Sometimes I connect my iPad to my TV via HDMI cable, and I watch videos on my couch which is “far away” from my TV.
My HDMI cable is not long enough to reach me. So my iPad has to stay on the TV side.
When I need to pause/fast forward/… , I need to jump off my couch and go to my TV to reach my iPad.
So I hope Infuse can support remote control features.

Basic implementation:

  • Expose remote control API to LAN devices. So that third party developers can implement remote control software on whatever device I want.
  • Basic control API: pause/resume/stop, up/down/left/right, enter/back, volume/brightness.
  • Basic username/password authentication would be enough.
  • Media library browsing API would be a bonus so that I can view the media library on control side software and choose what to watch.

Ideal implementation:

  • I launch Infuse on both devices: Playback device (Infuse on iOS/iPadOS/macOS/tvOS) and control device (Infuse on iOS/iPadOS/macOS/watchOS)
  • I connect control-side Infuse to playback-side Infuse and I control playback of videos from control-side Infuse. LAN connection would be enough and Apple’s continuity API would be a bonus.
  • I view the media library of playback-side Infuse on control-side Infuse (Infuse on iOS/iPadOS/macOS) and choose what to watch.
  • I view the media library on playback-side Infuse while I use digital crown on my Apple Watch and select what to watch.
  • It would be great if I can play videos on another Infuse. (e.g. my friend came and he has a 40GB movie in his iPhone which does not support 4k external display and I can play the movie directly on my 4K tv with my Infuse without spending half an hour to transfer the movie file)
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