Remote Connection Lost after exactly 1 hour of viewing/not interacting with remote


So whenever I don’t use the remote a notification will pop up after 1 hour in the top right corner, saying that the connection has been lost. This is very annoying and breaks immersion. I realize I could fiddle with it once an hour but I want to focus on the movie, not be afraid that a message will appear.

I only experience this with infuse, not any of the other streaming services so I’m guessing it’s something to do with the app. I might be wrong though of course!

The remote works fine and is fully charged so it isn’t a remote issue.

Has anyone else encountered this? Would be thankful for any insights.

It’s not the app. I get this while watching infuse. My Apple TV is Near a Nintendo switch and a few other 2.4GHz devices so I’m assume they’re interfering with the remotes wireless signal. It’s been happening lore with tvOS 13