Remote Buddy on the AppleTV ?

It looks like the best solution for a keyboard and mouse to control the AppleTV. (and many more)

The website said ;

Can I use Remote Buddy to control my Apple® TV? (FAQ015E0199)
No - sadly. Apple® TV is a closed platform that can only be extended and modified through software updates by Apple®. If you are looking for a customizable and extendable media center system, we’re recommending to buy a Mac® Mini and Remote Buddy. Such a system will not only allow you to play back DVDs, but also allow you to add a third-party TV solution.

Even modified Apple® TV systems lack the required interfaces, applications and abilities - like f.ex. the ability to install your own kernel extensions - as that using Remote Buddy on that device would currently make sense.

Please couldt you make this possible? :slight_smile:

For navigating the normal AppleTV menus, we recommend using the Apple ‘Remote’ app. This will provide a touchscreen and keyboard for navigating menus, and surfing the web.