Remote App not working properly for parental guide

I have an issue with parental guide in combination with the Apple TV Remote App.
I configured parental Guide restrictions and have now to Input the passcode… so far so good.
I am using my iPhone to operate the AppleTV especially for entering Passcodes which i dont want to show to others around.
I thought that I can enter the passcode via the App with the integrated passcode feature of the App … but nothng happens.
Please fix this…

Looking into this…

New Patch … no change ;(

Anything new here?

This is a known limitation, and something we are looking into. The solution is not very straightforward, unfortunately. :frowning:

thanks for the reply … hope you’ll fix this soon … Kids eyes’ are curious :wink:

Some time has passed … any light at the end of the tunnel?

Hey guys … do you still have this issue in mind?
It is very annoying that antöne can See, what lock code you enter because there is no visible protection like the TV app or touchID via Iphone

Please resolve this…

It’s still on our radar, though the solution is not very straightforward.

The underlying problem is tied to a shortcoming in Apple’s API offerings, but we have a few ideas that may get it working.

Thats great news

Hey guys … one month went still nothing … is it really so difficult to implement the Pin API for entering security passcode via iPhone without showing the pin on the screen? That’s really annoying …

Hi James,

It’s some time now and infuse 5.5 has been released. But nothing yet to hear about the security issue. It is still not possible to enter the pin discreetly e.g. via the remote app or else … which makes the security pin useless cause everyone can see the pin while entering … when do you plan to fix this known issue?

Hey guys … lots of updates but still age rating or parental control does not allow hidden code input e.g. via iOS Remote App … so entering the pin via app or remote is visible which makes the code unnecessary or useless because the kids can see what I enter … when will there be a solution, that infuse uses the code entering option via remote which is available but is not being used by infuse?

Thanks for the bump.

The solution isn’t totally straightforward, but I’m going to move this up in priority for our internal task management.

Thank you!

Sorry for the long delay, but we’ve implemented an all-new PIN code screen which is compatible with the Apple TV (remote) App.

This will be available in 5.6.9 which is due out soon.

That’s very cool!!! Great!

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