remote app and the atv1

so… say i’m on the latest apple remote app, +our appletv1 is attached to my roomie’s itunes account. is there any way for me to control the appletv?

You need RemoteHD. You can buy it at the App Store on your iPhone. The standard Remote app is not supported.

but, apple says it does?


If youʻre in sight of the ATV. The standard Apple Remote is IR type. RemoteHD is an iPhone App that controls an aTV Flash enabled AppleTV via wireless network. Works if AppleTV is on a wireless network and the iPhone running RemoteHD has access to that wireless network.

Umm, yeah. The previous response is innacurate.


You need to go into the settings panel on the ATV and enable your specific iOS device as a remote.


"Remote App works through wifi. For confirmation of this, check out this quote from apple’s information about the Remote (

Computers without an IR receiver can instead work with the Remote application for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch."

My bad! Misread the OP and thought it was about the IR Remote. I was using the free Remote App myself, before jailbreaking my ATV1.