Remote App and Apple TV

When I try to control the Apple TV with my remote app, the Apple TV reboots. I tried this with two different remote apps and on two different Apple TVs. This error didn’t start happening until the apple remote app was recently update. Anyone else having these problems.

You will see lots of forum posts about this. It appears to be a general issue running 5.0.2 firmware with the new version of the Remote app.

At the moment the only real solution appears to be to revert to an earlier version of the Remote App (assuming that you can find a copy in your backups).

Longer term I expect the problem will be resolved by a jailbreak becoming available for a version of firmware that works with the newest Remote app version.

Same problem here.

As I did not found a Remote App v 2.4 I had to remove aTV Flash.

I hope that there will a resolution soon to install aTV again.


I decided just to use remote hd instead of getting an earlier version of apple remote app. The remote hd works absolutely fine and I prefer using it over the apple remote app. That maybe a route you will want to go.

I’m not going to spend $8 on an app that hasn’t been updated in over 2 years. Unless there’s some other remote I’m not aware of.

I’d love to just see this fixed and working. It’s disappointing that this is such an issue, and it’s my own damn fault for making the mistake to update the app.

I’ve bought RemoteHD some years ago for my ATV 1 but did not use it, as I do not need to show the entire ATV screen on my iPhone.

I just want to select some music and play it.


So, either I find the Apple Remote App V 2.4 somewhere to download or I have use the hints in these threads, explaining that switching off iTunes Match will be a workaround.