Remote and ATV Flash

I use Apple TV (1st generation) mostly for playing music on my stereo which is in a separate room to my TV. Therefore, I use Remote on the Iphone to select tracks. Is there a way for ATV Flash music files to show up on my Remote? Possibly with Remote HD? Also, when using Cyberduck to connect to Apple TV, I don’t have a “music” folder. I tried to create a folder in Cyberduck but it doesn’t show up in Nitro. Lastly, I ventured to the root drive of Apple Tv and I found the Itunes media files but they have weird names (4 letters in 99 folders), is there a way to decipher what they are?

Thanks for listening to this newbie…

  1. With the Apple remote app you can only see and control the music/playlists etc on ATV, not play them through your iPhone. Remote HD does the same. You can see the music on ATV, you can’t stream it.

  2. Your own file directory outside of the movie folder won’t be seen by nitoTV, but you can create a music folder inside the Movies folder and play audio with nitoTV. XBMC will access folders outside the movie folder.

  3. The audio files in the iTunes media folder inside ATV are encrypted so it can’t be accessed easily. If you copied the iTunes media folder to a separate drive then opened it with iTunes on a computer, all the file names will be seen as normal.

Be very careful not to delete anything from the root file directory you’re not sure of, as it will kill your ATV.