Remote Access

Hello…I have an external hard drive connected to my Airport Extreme at home that I use as a media server for all devices connected to our home network (been using Infuse 4). I’m currently trying out Infuse Pro, and I’m excited about the possibility of connecting remotely to my AEBS hard drive. However, I’m having some trouble. I’ve followed instructions here, using both Methods 1 & 2.

I think the my settings on the AEBS side of things are correct, but not my Infuse app settings (in iPhone & iPad). This may be a stupid question for some of you, but using Method 1, how do I set this up in Infuse?

I used to setup a Dynamic Global Host Name and followed the instructions for AEBS in the link above. Then, in Infuse-Add Share, I used WEbDAV protocol, and entered the domain name assigned, along with my dynu username/password. Not sure what to enter for Path and Port. I tried opening a port in my AEBS using Airport Utility (6.3.8) all to no avail.

Please help!