Remote access via Tailscale, without disabling system proxy


I ran into a minor issue in Infuse for macOS and was hoping I could get some help.

I have an HTTP/HTTPS/SOCKS proxy running as system proxy on my Mac 24/7. Recently I set up Tailscale so that I can access the server from outside my home network. The issue is that Infuse can only connect to the server via Tailscale when I quit the proxy client.

My questions are: Are there some settings I can change so that Infuse can connect via Tailscale without me having to quit the proxy client? If not, would it be possible for Infuse to support it in a future update?

Some additional info:

  • Port forwarding is not an option for me, so I have to rely on Tailscale (or similar solutions) for remote access.
  • I believe the technical reasons behind this issue is on Infuse’ side (rather than Tailscale’s) because Jellyfin Media Player is able to access the server via Tailscale without disabling the proxy.
  • It can be very problematic for me to not have access to my proxy every time I want to use Infuse remotely, so I would really appreciate a permanent fix. For now I have to rely on Jellyfin for remote access.